Kitajima Shuzo


Ever since its establishment in 1805, Kitajima Brewery has been devoted to brewing sake for more than 200 years. While their MIYOSAKAE brand focuses on traditional styles of sake their newer KITAJIMA brand is focussed on combining the tradition with innovation. For their sake production they use the traditional labor intensive Kimoto style which makes robust and rich sake. Only a select group of brewers have the experience, knowledge and passion to keep this technique alive. 

Their sake’s are enjoyable both warm and cold and whether you’re feeling happy or down. They strive to make the sake that stays close to your heart. Respecting the tradition but embracing progress, this is the classic, authentic and true sake of Japan.

Kimoto style making @ Kitajima Brewery. For this traditional method the starter (Moto) is mixed intensively during the first few days.