Gensaka Shuzo

The beautiful authentic building of the Gensaka Brewery

Gensaka Brewery is a family company established in 1805 in the Mie prefecture. Since then over 210 years, the brewery has been succeeded by a family member. At Gensaka Brewery they take pride in growing their own sake rice called "Ise-Nishiki". All their sake are Junmai-shu. The brewery has a special focus on sake brewing according the traditional Yamahai method. The "SakayaHachibe-Ishinishiki- Yamahai-Jyunmaishu" was served for Leaders of various countries with a meal at G7 Ise-Shima Summit in 2016.

Gensaka Brewery is one of a select few brewers that also produce their own rice. This gives them the possibility to use local sake rice types and they are guaranteed to have the best quality rice. It also means that they can support the local community and environment in a sustainable way.

Sake Brewer's preparing the rice for the brew at Gensaka Brewery.