Fujii Shuzo

Fujii Brewery SceneryThe beautiful scenery in Takehara

In 1863, Fujii Shuzo was founded in Takehara, an area with clean water that is ideal for brewing sake. For over 150 years, they manufacture sake with benefits from nature.  "We do not have a brewery for mass production, but that's why we want to continue brewing Sake that no one else can make. We build on the knowledge and experience of our ancestors to continuously improve and explore the world of Sake".

The "Ryusei" brand that has existed since the founding of the brewery, is the brand that was presented to the "First National Competition of Sake" in 1907. In this first competition of Japanese Sake organized by the Japanese state, aimed to increase knowledge and advance manufacturing techniques Sake, "Ryusei" won first prize and was honored as the best Sake in Japan.