Otemba Sake

The Start

OTEMBA SAKE started with organising events for WAKYO (est. 2010), an organisation whose aim was to create cultural exchange between the Netherlands and Japan through music. WAKYO is an independent music label and distribution company based in Amsterdam and Tokyo. For the last 20 years while being largely involved in the music industry, we've also been managing artists and organising club events / festivals.

WA” means Japan but it also means peace or harmony,
KYO” means today, sound and also bridge in Japanese.
We want to connect Japan and Europe through sound, peace & harmony.

While organising several music events back in 2013, we felt that the Japanese cuisine and drinks (officially recognised as UNESCO world heritage) had to be part of these events. This proved to be a great success as good food and traditional sake brought artists, dj’s and all other participants closer together. However at the time it was very difficult to lay our hands on good bottles of authentic Japanese sake in Europe. In 2016, we decided to take action and started importing sake ourselves, which resulted in the birth of OTEMBA SAKE.

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